Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 Tires
winter tires / нешипованная / for cars

With it's new Multi-cell Compound and advanced 3-D Sipe technology, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 delivers improved snow and slush performance, and is a reliable ride in icy conditions. It's a tire that will help get you to your destination-regardless of the weather forecast.

- NanoPro-Tech with RC Polymer. Optimizes snow and ice performance by controlling interactions of polymer, filler, and rubber chemicals at the molecular level
- New 3-D Sipe. Improves ice, dry and wet performance by enhancing block stiffness and contact area
- Optimized Tread Width. Helps achieve better snow and slush performance
- Four Main Grooves with Deep Tread Depth. Channel snow, slush, and water away from the contact area
- New Multicell Compound. Improves snow, ice, and wet performance

Selected models Shop Phone numbers Price
Blizzak WS70 215 / 45 R17 87T ШинЭкспресс +7(495) 744-7463 6 930 руб.      order
Blizzak WS70 225 / 45 R18 91T +7 (495) 380-22-85 8 932 руб.      order
Blizzak WS70 215 / 55 R17 98T +7 (495) 768-5527 9 029 руб.      order

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