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New Tires - Maxxis

Maxxis Mecotra ME3+ Maxxis
Mecotra ME3+
No Prices
No offers
Maxxis Escapade CUV CV-01 Maxxis
Escapade CUV CV-01
Price from 6 368 RUR
7 offers
Maxxis Victra Sport 5 VS5 Maxxis
Victra Sport 5 VS5
Price from 4 940 RUR
516 offers
Maxxis Mecotra ME3 Maxxis
Mecotra ME3
No Prices
No offers
Maxxis Waltz MS1 Maxxis
Waltz MS1
No Prices
No offers
Maxxis Razr MT MT-772 Maxxis
Razr MT MT-772
Price from 9 357 RUR
290 offers
Maxxis Mecotra MP10 Maxxis
Mecotra MP10
Price from 2 250 RUR
186 offers
Maxxis Pragmatra MP15 Maxxis
Pragmatra MP15
Price from 3 140 RUR
175 offers
Maxxis Victra RunFlat M36+ Maxxis
Victra RunFlat M36+
Price from 5 870 RUR
131 offers
Maxxis S-Pro Maxxis
Price from 4 500 RUR
31 offers
Maxxis Premitra HP5 Maxxis
Premitra HP5
Price from 2 830 RUR
685 offers
Maxxis MA-656 Maxxis
Price from 4 686 RUR
3 offers

Maxxis tire videos


All-Season AP2 All-Season AP2
from4 390 RUR
2 offers
Arctic Trekker NP3 Arctic Trekker NP3
from2 000 RUR
96 offers
Arctic Trekker SP-02 Arctic Trekker SP-02
from2 470 RUR
345 offers
Arctic Trekker WP-05 Arctic Trekker WP-05
from2 800 RUR
10 offers
Bravo HP-600 Bravo HP-600
from9 210 RUR
1 offers
CS-735 CS-735
no prices
no offers
Escapade MA-T1 Escapade MA-T1
no prices
no offers
MA i-Pro Victra i-Pro MA i-Pro Victra i-Pro
no prices
no offers
MA-1 MA-1
no prices
no offers
MA-510 Victra MA-510 Victra
from4 141 RUR
3 offers
no prices
no offers
no prices
no offers
no prices
no offers
MA-PW Presa Snow MA-PW Presa Snow
no prices
no offers
MA-SPW Presa Spike MA-SPW Presa Spike
no prices
no offers
MA-STL Presa Ice MA-STL Presa Ice
from2 483 RUR
72 offers
MA-Z1 Victra Drifting MA-Z1 Victra Drifting
from4 902 RUR
14 offers
MA-Z4S Victra MA-Z4S Victra
from4 220 RUR
714 offers
no prices
no offers
Mecotra ME3 Mecotra ME3
no prices
no offers
Mecotra MP10 Mecotra MP10
from2 250 RUR
184 offers
MS-800 Waltz MS-800 Waltz
from10 280 RUR
1 offers
Premitra All Season AP3 Premitra All Season AP3
from4 140 RUR
47 offers
Premitra HP5 Premitra HP5
from2 830 RUR
691 offers
Premitra Ice Nord NP5 Premitra Ice Nord NP5
from3 195 RUR
100 offers
Premitra Ice SP3 Premitra Ice SP3
from2 280 RUR
349 offers
Premitra Snow WP6 Premitra Snow WP6
from3 145 RUR
154 offers
Victra M36 Victra M36
from8 760 RUR
122 offers
Victra MA-Z3 Victra MA-Z3
from4 232 RUR
51 offers
Victra RunFlat M36+ Victra RunFlat M36+
from5 870 RUR
131 offers
Victra Sport 5 VS5 Victra Sport 5 VS5
from4 940 RUR
505 offers
Victra Sport VS-01 Victra Sport VS-01
from3 420 RUR
59 offers
Victra VR-1 Victra VR-1
no prices
no offers
Waltz MS1 Waltz MS1
no prices
no offers

Off-Road & SUV

Arctic Trekker NS3 Arctic Trekker NS3
from5 570 RUR
25 offers
Bighorn MT-764 Bighorn MT-764
from7 920 RUR
37 offers
Bravo AT-771 Bravo AT-771
from5 020 RUR
631 offers
Bravo HP-M3 Bravo HP-M3
from2 820 RUR
381 offers
Bravo HT-750 Bravo HT-750
no prices
no offers
Bravo HT-770 Bravo HT-770
from5 020 RUR
178 offers
Crawler LT M8090 Crawler LT M8090
from12 500 RUR
32 offers
Escapade CUV CV-01 Escapade CUV CV-01
from6 368 RUR
7 offers
M8080 Mudzilla LT M8080 Mudzilla LT
from14 844 RUR
18 offers
MA-656 MA-656
from4 686 RUR
3 offers
from7 353 RUR
47 offers
MA-SUW Presa Spike SUV MA-SUW Presa Spike SUV
from6 109 RUR
2 offers
MA-SW VictraSnow MA-SW VictraSnow
no prices
no offers
Marauder II MA-S2 Marauder II MA-S2
from4 420 RUR
30 offers
Marauder MA-S1 Marauder MA-S1
no prices
no offers
MT-754 MT-754
no prices
no offers
MT-762 MT-762
from9 500 RUR
48 offers
MT-764 Bighorn MT-764 Bighorn
from9 465 RUR
186 offers
Pragmatra MP15 Pragmatra MP15
from3 140 RUR
172 offers
Premitra Ice 5 SUV SP5 Premitra Ice 5 SUV SP5
from5 455 RUR
89 offers
Premitra Ice Nord NS5 Premitra Ice Nord NS5
from4 453 RUR
71 offers
Premitra Snow WP6 SUV Premitra Snow WP6 SUV
from9 860 RUR
4 offers
Razr AT AT-811 Razr AT AT-811
from9 845 RUR
354 offers
Razr MT MT-772 Razr MT MT-772
from9 357 RUR
296 offers
S-Pro S-Pro
from4 500 RUR
31 offers
SS-01 Presa SUV SS-01 Presa SUV
from4 110 RUR
249 offers
Trepador M8060 Trepador M8060
from8 167 RUR
107 offers
Victra Sport 5 SUV Victra Sport 5 SUV
no prices
no offers
Worm-Drive AT-980 Worm-Drive AT-980
from7 650 RUR
78 offers
Wormdrive AT-980E Wormdrive AT-980E
from9 950 RUR
67 offers


Bravo UE-168(N) Bravo UE-168(N)
from3 425 RUR
39 offers
no prices
no offers
from4 880 RUR
1 offers
MA-SLW Presa Spike MA-SLW Presa Spike
from3 590 RUR
89 offers
MA-W2 WinterMaxx MA-W2 WinterMaxx 
from4 823 RUR
112 offers
Radial Extra Steel UE101 Radial Extra Steel UE101
no prices
no offers
Radial Extra Steel UE103 Radial Extra Steel UE103
from4 174 RUR
4 offers
Vansmart AS AL2 Vansmart AS AL2
from5 980 RUR
1 offers
Vansmart MCV3+ Vansmart MCV3+
from4 786 RUR
293 offers
Vansmart Snow WL2 Vansmart Snow WL2
from5 020 RUR
16 offers

OE Maxxis Tyres

Mecotra ME3+ Mecotra ME3+
no prices
no offers

Out of production

Arctic Trekker SP-03 Arctic Trekker SP-03
from4 021 RUR
8 offers
Vanpro MCV3 Vanpro MCV3
from6 426 RUR
3 offers

Out of production, no price