Tyres and wheels for Volkswagen Passat

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Wheels on Volkswagen Passat cars

Original Equipment tires for Volkswagen Passat

Factory OE tires can be homologated and marked specifically, see our articles.

Also, tires may be out of production, so you should pay attention to the next generation of tires.

And, of course, for cars of the premium class and less (compact, middle...), the choice of tires from the original equipment is less important, than for owners of sports cars, for which OE tires were chosen by the manufacturer much more carefully.
Bridgestone Potenza RE97 A/S Bridgestone
Potenza RE97 A/S
Price from 11 990 RUR
Offers: 2

People's choise tires for this model

Best summer tires

Michelin Primacy HP
  Grip   Control   Silent
Goodyear Excellence
  Absence of problems  

Best winter tires

Matador MP 50 Sibir Ice
  Behaviour on snow   Silent   Absence of problems  
Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000
  Grip   Behaviour on ice   Behaviour on snow
Nokian Hakkapeliitta R
  Behaviour on ice   Behaviour on snow   Control
Fulda Kristall Montero 2
  Behaviour on ice   Behaviour on snow


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Шины и диски по марке автомобиля

Штатные и альтернативные размеры шин для автомобиля Volkswagen Passat . Подбор шин по характеристикам. Подбор дисков по стилю и фото дисков на реальных авто.