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RoadX RXFrost FX11 tires
winter tires / studded 3PMSF / for cars

Price from 4 663 RUR.
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RXFrost FX11 is a studdable winter tire that offers exceptional handling and traction to keep you safe in the most severe winter conditions. The advanced siping reduces braking distances while the proprietary compound ensures this tire will consistently deliver the grip and performance you can depend on. Available in 41 sizes, the FX11 has a wide variety fitment for cars and SUVs.

3D multi-wave siping greatly reduce braking distance while improving handling performance on ice and snow covered roads.
Proprietary winter compound developed to provide excellent wet grip and braking performance at low temperatures.
Lateral grooves channel wet and slush for enhanced performance.

Prices and available at stores / Moscow

Moscow / 67 offers
Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
RXFrost FX11 175 / 65 R14 82 T | 475kg 190 km/h     from 8 302 RUR
RXFrost FX11 175 / 70 R14 84 T | 500kg 190 km/h     from 8 581 RUR
RXFrost FX11 185 / 65 R14 86 T | 530kg 190 km/h     from 4 963 RUR

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